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The Blank Park Zoo

The Blank Park Zoo is home to a lot of exciting and exotic animals. When you visit the zoo, you'll be inspired and grow an appreciation for the natural world. You'll learn all about the animals while watching them and reading about them in their habitats. The Blank Park Zoo opened its doors in 1966 and has been dazzling visitors ever since. Some of their most popular attractions are the African Lions, Giraffes, Red Panda sea lions, and the Eastern Black Rhinoceros.

There are also some special exhibits in the Discovery Center like the exciting cave exhibit. Here you can get up close to the zoos nocturnal animals, including reptiles, Madagascar hissing cockroach, emperor scorpion, Egyptian fruit bat, boa constrictor, and Cuvier's dwarf caiman.

While you're there, you also won't want to miss out on The Free Range Aviary. It is the home to a wide variety of tropical forest-dwelling birds such as the pink pigeon, mountain peacock-pheasant, ringed teal, silver-eared mesia, Scarlet-chested parrot and so many more.

Another unique exhibit is the Aquarium of the Discovery Center, where you can learn all about the aquatic environments from all around the world. The exhibition also includes a waterfall features and the Amazon River Pool.

There's also the David Krudnier Australia Adventure. This Australia themed section of the zoo let guest experience the Downunder where you'll get to see Llamas, a miniature donkey, zebu, Brahma chickens, and dromedary camels.

The newest exhibit that was installed in 2012 is the Hub Harbor Pinniped Pavilion. The pavilion is the cozy home of two California sea lions and three harbor seals.

There's so much to do and see at the zoo! Make sure you visit the Blank Park Zoo for a genuinely fantastic and wild experience.