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Enjoy a clean room that has everything you need-including a welcoming smile.
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My friends and I are storm chasers from Arizona and we found ourselves in Osceola for two days. We stayed here and it was hands down the best stop of our entire adventure. Incredibly friendly owners, cozy rooms. The owner also owned the gorgeous painted lady across the street and she gave me a tour of it when she saw me taking pictures of it. All of this happened last year, a year ago exactly, actually - but I realized I never left a review and needed to. I will never forget this place or the experience!
Tori Jane Ostberg
We reserved a room here spur of the moment yesterday and wondered how it would be... We love it! The new owners are fantastic people and the employees here are also especially nice. The rooms are quite clean and have everything we need. We will be back.
Damon Carter